Beer Podcasts I’m Listening To

While we’re all in the grips of coronavirus/COVID – hopefully you are all safe and well – for the most part I imagine there’s a bit more spare time going around. If not (and even if so) listening to a great podcast is a great way to spend time, relaxing and interesting at the same time.

Whether you’re catching up with recent beer and brewery news, looking to learn more about homebrewing, or looking to go off on a beer-related adventure, there’s plenty of options out there. I’ve picked out a selection here, but if there are any others you would recommend please comment below!

While you’re at it, why not try setting up your own podcast?

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

A weekly podcast that stands at 131 episodes at time of writing, so plenty to catch up on. Expect interviews with brewers and experts.

Brewers Journal

Right from the start this podcast covers the brewing world slightly more from the business angle – branding, marketing and the like. A great show to go beyond the beer itself.

Four Brewers

Trying beers and giving homebrewing tips – this podcast does it both. I’ve personally taken a lot of great advice from this one and would recommend it to anyone taking up this great hobby way of life.

Good Beer Hunting

Intriguing interviews with brewers across the industry with some amazing spin-off series too, from the history of brewing to how brewers are reacting to COVID-19. Well worth a listen.


Ah, the pub. I miss it so much, don’t you? So although this podcast inevitably won’t be updated any time soon, cast your mind back to a better time and think about the pub.

The Beerists

For a bit of fun and banter over some beer tasting, look no further. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to be serious!


If you’re not familiar with Pellicle it’s a beautiful website which doesn’t just cover beer (wine, cider and food too) and their podcast is a marvellous listen for anyone with an hour to spare.

Triple Hopped

Tasting and talking beers with some colourful and bold artwork – say no more.

What are you listening to? I’m always keen to hear recommendations about other podcasts to get involved with. Comment below or get in touch on Twitter, @craftynumber.

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